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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Benchand table set - yew legs

Start  of a dining table
Yew legs on table
Oak legs on bench
Linseed oil and stockholm tar

to match this yew bench

Benches - Backless and "Beak"

From our woodland, ( thinnings and dead standing.)
Sycamore legs and Elm seat

Mortice and tenon joints

Previous years:-
Scottish oak and burr oak arm rests.

Wavy seat

Wave "goodbye" to £250 and "Hello" to a constantly pleasing feature.

Enjoy the feature in your garden, rather than the £ notes in your wallet.

Bench - commission for an anniversary

Burr oak seat
sycamore back and elm arm rest

Bench - Oak slatted

Commission from a previous customer.

Customer supplied two rusty cast iron supports.

I wire brushed them down, primed, then 2 coats of dark green Hammerite paint.

Bought American white oak slats from John Reid Crossgates,

then 3 coats Le Tonkinois marine varnish to complete this bench.

 First met Brian Murkin (very helpful) through a woodworking exhibition at Glasgow S.E.C.C.

Bench - Memorial Inverkeithing

Scottish oak

Commissioned bench at Inverkeithing

Planed oak base and back for the first bench, going to wee John's granny.

The owner of Inverkeithing Central Bar and over 600 Local residents have raised money for a unique Scottish oak bench in memory of wee John Wemyss.
Also the Albert Hotel in North Queensferry have ordered two benches of the same wood for installation on the path looking over an old disused jetty where John and his pals would go.
Also one for the community centre, North Queensferry (see other memorial bench posts.)

There is a lovely view towards Edinburgh over the Firth of Forth.

Bench memorial - Beath cemetry


Old oak boards

Bench Memorial - "Pops" and Abbey park house

Oak legs start this memorial bench off.

Preparation of back restWeekend clamping.

Routing and varnishing back of bench 1st of May 2010.
You'll see the writing clearer when it's inked in.

The sun shone on "Pops" all day. 31.5.2010.

Just 2 more coats of Le Tonkinoise to go,

Memorial bench for Tom Donald
Inking in of routing and another coat of varnish (Le Tonkinoise) 

                                                                  clamping back to bench


                                                                Abbey Park house - memorial bench

Bench memorial - Carlingnose point. North Queensferry community centre.

Carlingnose point. Commissioned by the Albert hotel
South Queensferry community centre.
 Also commissioned by the Albert hotel, Queensferry

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Woodwork equipment and tools

Wonder if your workshop is like this?

Not much call for woodwork this week. 2.12.2010 Inverkeithing outdoor equipment shop.

Floor boards and table

Sycamore floorboards from our woodland to conservatory

Scottish oak table from wood felled for the Kincardine bridge bypass

A mixture of oak and elm (from dead trees in our woodland).

Cut into planks and planed. Using the natural shape of the cut and infils.

Table mats

From this plank of Douglas Fir
To this.
They can fit together to make bigger serving mats.

                                                                    Table candleprotector

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Table Immense

Solid slab of elm
8 feet long, 4 inches deep, 1 and a half feet wide.


                                                             Outdoor or indoor.


furniture items and ideas for your commissions

                                                                Click link for 100's of past pieces

Large elm chair

6' Elm bench

Small ash bender

Small backless bench

wood pieces Burr oak

I think this is a table

"Burls and slabs"

This is a bit of burr oak that might become a coffee table,
 the piece is about 2 feet x 2 1/2 feet, 1 inch thick.