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Shop Scotland

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Signs for neighbours

Oak from  a 1960's fallen tree
The oak butt has been lying about for decades,
milled this year.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recycle recycle

Sycamore and oak, 2 seats and table campfire set made for one of our  pitches.
Made from an old recycling station at the holiday cottage

Sycamore work surface, recycled from a local farm for the holiday cottage kitchen.
Four doors recycled from a school rennovation project
near St. Andrews (September 2010).
They are on our store barn for campers' and cottage guests recycling.
Among other recycled items used on our cottages and land are
windows with wood made from a ships' deck (which went down at Scapa Flow).
Old cinema doors, Anderson shelters,  doors from stables demolished at the farmhouse up the road, cobbles, base stone, sandstone, slate tiles, municipal floorboards, mill wood, greenheart wood from Aberdeen pier, etc.