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Shop Scotland

Friday, January 18, 2013

Signs bespoke, large

Any size, shape, finish, lettering.
This one for our holiday cottage about 3 feet wide

This sign for our neighbour, attatched to a tree.

You can commission any kind of sign,
just give me the dimensions and wording and I'll give you a quote, (approx £35)
As well as garden benches, tables, stools,
there are walking sticks, campfire pokers, bowls, boats etc.

Sign for a Fife home

Finished sign. No font just freehand.
Prior to varnishing

Routing the sign ready for colouring in the name.

Signs Isle of Harris

Some of the types of sign I can make.

These were for a holiday cottage.

Sign B and B etc.

Sign :- B & B Camping Holiday cottage.

and varnish.

Cottage shaped piece of wood!

Sign Rose cottage

Inked in and 2 coats of finish.
Start of sign to go to Aberfeldy.

Shape cut.


Sign 29

Another commission for a house sign (15.9.2010)
Commission a sign.
 If you are having a holiday or camping with us, you can order one at the beginning of your stay .

Sticks- Walking

Whittled camp sticks, can even be used as pokers!

I've had one for years and used it daily.

All kinds of wood used, oak, ash, sycamore, cherry, elder.
These are for sale in the campers' gallery from £5 to £20
Not brittle, so can be leaned on.

oak bench

4'6" oak bench.
Satin finish
(Le Tonkinois with added gelesomat)
Recycled oak from Kincardine bypass
Shoulders on back rest.
Completed March 2012
Example only as  Now sold.

Solid wood Benches made to order from £250