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Shop Scotland

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wood milling. Saw mill

June 2013



 oak stump
 Off to sawmill April 2013

 Return with oak boards ready for more tables and benches

Wood mizer at a farm in Fife                          .............................
milling a dry dock oak beam,

Cut into inch boards used on the shack and caravan, panelling, flooring.
Also shelving and furniture.etc.

Table - construction - for Laundry basket

Table - standard height 26",
this one specially requested at 39"
to stand laundry basket on,
prior to hanging out washing.
Garden laundry table top

Made supports for base. These supports then just slide in.

Supports for table top.
Mounting top to pedestal.
Nearly there.

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Wooden oddities - Gate catch, Porthole, toy truck

Gate catch- Whale

Mahogany pick up

Maximum carrying capacity 2 tangerines.

oak porthole

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Benchand table set - yew legs

Start  of a dining table
Yew legs on table
Oak legs on bench
Linseed oil and stockholm tar

to match this yew bench

Benches - Backless and "Beak"

From our woodland, ( thinnings and dead standing.)
Sycamore legs and Elm seat

Mortice and tenon joints

Previous years:-
Scottish oak and burr oak arm rests.

Wavy seat

Wave "goodbye" to £250 and "Hello" to a constantly pleasing feature.

Enjoy the feature in your garden, rather than the £ notes in your wallet.

Bench - commission for an anniversary

Burr oak seat
sycamore back and elm arm rest

Bench - Oak slatted

Commission from a previous customer.

Customer supplied two rusty cast iron supports.

I wire brushed them down, primed, then 2 coats of dark green Hammerite paint.

Bought American white oak slats from John Reid Crossgates,

then 3 coats Le Tonkinois marine varnish to complete this bench.

 First met Brian Murkin (very helpful) through a woodworking exhibition at Glasgow S.E.C.C.